A medium-intensity earthquake (apparently 6.4, Richter scale) hit here around 20 minutes ago.

These are relatively common, so buildings here (at least in Santiago) are specifically prepared to endure them. Around the country there hasn’t been damage reported so far, and hopefully it will stay that way.

In my case, there was no damage except for a picture frame that fell off - nothing big.

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» Taking a temporary break from Tumblr.

More info here.

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Bird Sculptures Constructed from Wire by Celia Smith

UK artist Celia Smith works with various forms of wire to create delicate bird sculptures and installations. While somewhat abstract in appearance, the pieces are almost lifelike in form and scale as if drawn with a pen. You can see over 50 different pieces by the artist on her website.

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Sketchbook by Alice Lin 笼中鸟 aka  Alice Moxlin

artist on Tumblr, on Behance

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Rovina Cai: Mythical Menagerie

on Behance, on deviantART

A series of mythical hybrid creatures.

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Thomas Bavington

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Jefferson Park | Ben Coffman
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Amazing conceptual photographs by Silena Lambertini

on 500px

Stunning Landscapes by Silena Lambertini.

Amazing conceptual landscape photographs by Silena Lambertini, talented self-taught photographer based in Italy.

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Keng Lye - Alive without Breath (2013) - Hyperrealistic sea animals created using acrylics and epoxy resin, layer by layer


I will reblog this artist’s works every time it comes on my dash omfg

No fucking way

I was enjoying this like a child.
My intense stare, and calm demeanor was replaced with “Oh gosh.. Mm.. Look at all the colorful fishies.” 
Then they were all painted, and I just stared forever.

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